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300 - Life at Its Best
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301 Life At Its Best


302 Your Health Your Choice

  303 Sitting On A Timebomb

In this lecture, the significance of
primary nutrients, carbohydrates,
proteins & fats in the diet is
discussed. The importance of a
whole food diet and secondary
plan compounds for human health
are discussed together with the
latest evidence for the essentiality
of these compounds for perfect
health. Are carbohydrates really
fattening? How much protein do
we need? Can one survive on the
vegetarian diet? (95min)

  What influences do our lifestyle
choices have on our health? We are
living in a quick fix society that relies
heavily on drugs and stimulants to
make it through the day. In this lecture,
the role of drugs and common
stimulants such as tea and coffee is
discussed. There is also a discussion
on the role of food additives as
causative factors in allergic reactions,
hyperactivity, and disease. (80min)
  The animal husbandry industry has
dramatically changed over the last
decades. Farm animals are fed
recycled animal protein feeds,
manure, and petro-chemical waste.
In addition, a host of drugs, such as
antibiotics and growth stimulants are
used in industry. The consequences
of these practices for human
consumers are potentially devastating.
In this lecture, the ramifications of
antibiotic resistance, mad cows'disease,
and infectious diseases are discussed
and analyzed. (80min)
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304 Udderly Amazing
  305 Health and Happiness
Are dairy products good for us?
For centuries, we have been led to
believe that dairy products should
form an essential part of our diets.
However, it is well known that many
nations are dairy-intolerant, and that
even dairy-tolerant nations are
subject to many allergenic responses
to dairy products. New evidence
implicates dairy in not only allergenic
responses, but in potentially lethal
diseases, such as osteoporosis,
diabetes, and many others. The latest
scientific findings and their impact on
our lifestyle choices are discussed.
  Does vegetarianism offer a viable
alternative for diets rich in animal
products? Is it healthy to choose
a vegan lifestyle and how does
one ensure adequate quantities
of all essential nutrients? These
issues and many other factors
pertaining to a healthy lifestyle are
discussed in-depth in this lecture.
Moreover, recipes and household
tips are provided to make the
transition to a vegan lifestyle not
only simple but delightful. (90min)