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Riddle of Origin - Each presentation includes Question & Answer interview videos
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Astronomy and The Bible


Creation vs Evolution

  Dating Fossils
  The Fossil Record
An analysis of the scientific evidence
for the age of the solar system, a
Biblical and scientific analysis of the
origin of stars, a closer look at the
evidence being used to support the
big bang; the Bible and big bang
cosmology: are they compatible?
  Biblical and scientific reasons why
we should not compromise God's
Word with evolution, including:
Biblical and scientific evidences for
a worldwide flood; a look at the
days of creation and why the
context, grammar, and genealogies
support literal days; a comparison
of creation and evolution with
scientific laws. Why it matters what
we believe and the cost of
  Understand how carbon-14
dating actually works. Understand
how scientists date rocks and the
age of earth, Scientific evidence
that support the Biblical account
of a young earth.
  If evolution is true there must be
two lines of evidence: (1) the
fossil record must produce vast
numbers of transitional forms
(2) there must be a mechanism
to cause all these changes.
Where are all the transitional forms
between the Precambrian and
Cambrian periods? How well do
some of the famous alleged fossil
intermediates such as the horse and
archaeopteryx hold up to unbiased
scientific investigation? Why
mutations and natural selection do
not support evolution.
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The Origin of Life   The Origin of Humans
  Music Video
Attempts to create life in a laboratory,
the building blocks of life: an
insurmountable problem for evolution,
probability and the origin of life, the
Second Law of Thermodynamics,
information and complexity.
  A brief history of mistakes and
textbooks with three case studies:
Neanderthals: Who are they?,
Lucy and the australopithecines,
A new apeman: Ramidus. An
evalution of the mechanisms for
change - Natural Selection,