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From Evolutionist
To Creationist - Testimony

  Life At Its Best (health)
  Final Conflict
This series of 36 presentations, is
an in-depth chapter by chapter
study of the book of Revelation.
Throughout the study, the total
onslaught on Jesus Christ and the
effects of this war on every
individual living on this planet are
clearly portrayed. The beauty of
Christ's kingdom and laws are
contrased with Satan's government
and plans, and Satan's deceptions
are clearly revealed. This series is
a must-see for every Christian and
non-Christian living today. The
ideas explored hit home because
they are current, relevant, and
applicable to the dangers and
deceptions raging today on planet
earth. Excellent for sharing with
friends and family, as the ideas
presented herein give outstanding
behind-the-scenes information
about curent events. See how Jesus
Christ is being attacked and learn
how to avoid the manipulative plans
laid out by the enemy of souls.
  My most difficult journey.
Dr. Veith's personal life story
from an atheistic evolutionist
to a creationist.
  In this lecture, the significance of
primary nutrients carbohydrates,
proteins & fats in the diet is
discussed. The importance of a
whole food diet and secondary
plan compounds for human health
are discussed together with latest
evidence for the essentiality of
these compounds for perfect
health. Are carbohydrates really
fattening? How much protein do
we need? Can one survive on the
vegetarian diet?
  Filmed in 2005, a shortened version
of the Total Onslaught series -
containing only an overview of
recent world events, secret societies
and the new age movement.
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The Genesis Conflict
  Reformation Rekindled
  Charisma of the Spirit
In this insightful 8 video series,
Professor Walter J. Veith takes
you through the commonly held
evolutionistic viewpoints and
reveals what they are not telling
you. With a doctorate in zoology,
Walter clearly teaches how you
can defend creationism as a
scientifically sound viewpoint.
Walter Veith has taught university
students for many years and once
again presents this relevant
information in an easy to
understand way with powerpoint
slides and pictures.

Rekindling the Reformation is an
11-part series of inspiring and
relevant multimedia presentations
on the pivotal issues of the
Reformation and how they relate
to present day.

      Modern movings of the Spirit -
genuine or spurious? Are speaking
in tongues and slaying in the Spirit
movements from God or from
another source? What does the
Bible teach?
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